A moment of reprieve

For the past two weeks I was primarily concerned with midterms and hence too busy to post anything. On Friday morning I began this semester’s reading week and promptly dropped into a near brain-dead state where I spent the next 48 hours more or less alternating between the PS2* and Youtube.

All this is probably for the best, as it means I was unable to take part in the massive Synod drama that swept the blogosphere and news media. I had things I wanted to say, but now that the synod is closed I don’t really care to broadcast my Opinions here.

In other news, I have decided against my better judgment to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. It’ll be my third time, albeit my first as a grad student. If it starts eating into my academic duties, then I’ll drop it.

And if I’m feeling particularly bold, I might, mi-ight start serializing my novel on here as I write it. Almost everything posted on this blog is a rough draft anyway.

*Yes, I am that out of touch with whatever the heck the current gaming scene is.


About Josh W

A Catholic. Likes to write stuff and draw pictures.
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