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The Night of the Hunter

To the extent that it can be considered a horror film, The Night of the Hunter is my favorite. It’s a good choice for Hallowe’en anyhow. The only film directed by Charles Laughton, Hunter is one of the most bizarre … Continue reading

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Linguistic love affairs

Like many kids who grew up in Ontario, I was required to study French until my first year of high school. I spent most of those classes bored, and dropped them as soon as they became optional. And as of … Continue reading

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A moment of reprieve

For the past two weeks I was primarily concerned with midterms and hence too busy to post anything. On Friday morning I began this semester’s reading week and promptly dropped into a near brain-dead state where I spent the next … Continue reading

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The Cabin in the Woods and Job

(WARNING: Massive spoilers for both The Cabin in the Woods and the Book of Job follow. You have been warned) As a teenager I used to adore horror films and those weird, mess-with-your-head type movies. So Joss Whedon and Drew … Continue reading

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The first theological virtue

Gabriel Blanchard is in the middle of a series of of rather personal posts explaining why he is a Catholic. This passage in his third one leaped out at me: […]referral to the macrocosm, to the Resurrection, cannot really be … Continue reading

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