Sacramental error


While your heart is in the right place, Sailor Mercury, a girl of your learning should know that a valid baptism requires someone else to do the dousing.

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A Catholic. Likes to write stuff and draw pictures.
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3 Responses to Sacramental error

  1. Maybe she was combing through extant sources during the Patristic period regarding early Christian baptismal rites which could change our understanding of how this sacrament was conferred. Or maybe studying on Crystal Disk programs befuddled her mind. I’d be interested to hear what Mars, Jupiter and Venus will warn their antagonists with in their respective ‘threat’ poses.

    Mars: Burn in flames, and be mortified!
    Jupiter: Convulse in shock, and be ecstatic!
    Venus: Be blinded by light, and convert!

    Sorry Josh.


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