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I am a sucker for robot angst

A couple of weeks ago I made the mistake of picking up the Megaman X Collection. Now I find myself playing through them sequentially – I’m currently on X2. While I was a bit too young to play the classic … Continue reading

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Reading The Shadow of the Torturer – Chapter II: Severian

SYNOPSIS: The guild of Torturers (formal title: the Order of the Seekers for Truth and Penitence) recruits new members by taking in orphaned or otherwise unwanted boys. Adults are not admitted. Orphaned girls are given over to the Witches’ Keep … Continue reading

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Reading The Shadow of the Torturer – Chapter I: Resurrection and Death

My ability to churn out posts on here has entered into a bit of a dry period. In order to keep at least some content going, I’ve decided to get the ball rolling on a project I suggested a couple … Continue reading

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Theology and academia

I’ve had more free time than usual this week. But, as my previous post suggests, I’ve spent a lot of it with a controller in hand. It’s shameful, I know, that I’m not studying Koine Greek declensions, but hey, even … Continue reading

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The best game ever

It probably isn’t. But Shadow of the Colossus is the one game that I can look to when I need a reminder of why I should still kinda-sorta have an interest in my childhood hobby. The game is, on the … Continue reading

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Gender and violence

Ross Douthat has a pretty good couple of posts critiquing both left and right when it comes to the topic of gender – particularly in wake of the Santa Barbara killings. The tl;dr takehome from them is this: the right … Continue reading

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Memorizing poetry

One thing Patrick Leigh Fermor’s work has done is to remind me of my project to memorize some of the poems that have stuck with me over time. In addition to indicating a poetic repertoire that puts much of modern … Continue reading

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Travelling with prose style

I like walking. Both running and strolling become boring pretty quickly for me, but wandering around at a decent pace has always been enjoyable. And every now and then it’s worthwhile to push it a little bit – when I … Continue reading

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