QotD: Obedience and liturgy

Eve Tushnet:

If we had this idea of the mask of obedience, we might look at how our practices shape our understandings of obedience: What does the mask typically look like? When we look at the gestures of obedience within the Catholic liturgy–the use of the body to express a willing, receptive state of mind and spirit–we see gestures of kneeling, bowing, and kissing. (Kissing is more of an Orthodox thing these days, sadly, but we still do it with the Cross and in some churches at the Kiss of Peace.) These are gestures which make us childlike–physically smaller, closer to the ground–and they’re expressions of relationship: a relationship marked by tender affection as well as respect. If we were speaking Russian, the Catholic gestures of obedience would be verbs of the dative case.


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