Day 17. Q is for quiet

The Holy Saturday liturgy is rather affecting in that there is no Holy Saturday liturgy. It is the only day of the year where no sort of service whatsoever is offered in the Church. On this, the seventh day of the week, Christ took his sabbath and rested from his work – of course, his soul was a bit busy in Sheol, but during this period the human, body-soul composite called Jesus of Nazareth was nonexistent. And the work was done; there was nothing to add to the Crucifixion. He just needed to let the dead know what had happened.

But for the living, that meant that he was absent, and on this day that absence is honored by there being nothing. For one day the Church is allowed to get a little existential.

At nightfall, Easter will begin, and the liturgy will spring back to life in its most beautiful moment. It is the beginning of the eighth day – the first day of the new creation.


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One Response to Day 17. Q is for quiet

  1. It’s quite appropriate, then that Mary as Our Lady of Solitude, is honored today

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