Day 15. O is for offering

Holy Thursday

Did you, Peter, who could not abide your Lord
to wash your feat, realize that you and Judas, sitting,
were eating and drinking his death – the Word’s
remission of your betrayals yet unfolding.

Yet the Word spoke, and that terrible
moment reached back in time to you.
You were caught off guard by the Ribbono
memorializing a death that had not yet passed through.

Blessed is the man who offers thanksgiving.
He will drink the cup of death and it will
be life to him. Blessed is the man lifting
his heart to God. It will be generously filled.

The paradox remains that this fullness would be missed
without the treason of a kiss.


About Josh W

A Catholic. Likes to write stuff and draw pictures.
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One Response to Day 15. O is for offering

  1. Very moving. Thank you.
    Silvia @

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