Fanart imitates life

Evidently Natalia Poklonskaya has fans among the otaku:

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s some pretty intense stuff going on in Ukraine right now. One of the most controversial events from the conflict is the pro-Russia voters in the former-Soviet region of Crimea expressing their desire to cut ties with Ukraine and go back to Russia, something that is giving the newly-appointed Crimean Attorney-General: Natalia Poklonskaya, many headaches.

One unlikely place Poklonskaya can count on for support though, is Japan. Not because the Japanese necessarily agree with her policies, but because she is a rather attractive young lady who has managed to gather quite the following of admirers, producing some pretty top-notch anime-style fan-art.

I suppose something like this was inevitable from the moment Girls und Panzer aired.




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