QotD: The Vicar of Christ

Leah Libresco:

I have an intense fondness for Peter, who frequently goes out on a limb trying to please God, only to discover he’s doing it in the wrong way.  He offers tents on the mountain, he tries to reassure Jesus by denying his mission, he cuts off someone’s ear in an attempt at defense that Jesus rebukes, and he falls into the water and flails around when he tries to walk out to Christ.  Peter is always trying to offer something, even though the events around him are perplexing and his teacher is difficult to understand.

In school, it’s easier for a student to learn when they present some answer to the teacher, so the teacher has a chance of untangling their reasoning, walking them back to their error, and then correcting it.  By extending himself beyond his understanding, again and again, Peter keeps having the opportunity to be taught by Jesus.  And he doesn’t let his struggles or Jesus’s corrections cow him.  He keeps stoking his burning desire to serve, and lets Christ reshape it, and temper it into something appropriate.

When he sees Christ transfigured, Peter has an intense desire to offer something in love or reverence.  Christ requires nothing from Peter, so any gift he could offer would be superfluous.  Nonetheless, when Peter moves to give, God is ready to continue giving, providing Peter with a better way to show his well-intentioned love.  It seems all right that Peter’s first attempt at a gift was wrong, too possessive of grace to be accepted, since he’s willing to loosen his grip when corrected.

Yeah, that seems about right.

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