Contestant No. 1334

As you may have noticed from the little badge over to the side, I’ve decided to do the April Blogging from A to Z challenge again this year. Unlike last time, I’ve got finals to worry about, so my posts for the first couple of weeks may be a tad on the perfunctory side (not that they were much better last year). And this time I’m going to try to actually have something of a plan, as opposed to just making things up as I go along.

It’ll be fun…right?


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1 Response to Contestant No. 1334

  1. Susan Scott says:

    Hi Josh, stopped in while randomly checking out A-Z list – what a thing that looms! I also did it last year, 1st time – yoh it was something else – totally ruined my beauty sleep. This time I have a plan .. saved in drafts on blog, still to be edited etc etc .. then will schedule for the day on which they appear. Good luck to you!

    Garden of Eden Blog

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