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The limits of our moral sentiments

John Zmirak, in his review of Gimme Shelter, hits a bit of a personal note: I wanted to look away.  I wanted to “pause” this film and go order a Tanqueray and tonic. I had too much in common, I … Continue reading

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Those of us who pray the Liturgy of the Hours are familiar with Psalm 95, which opens up the prayers of the day: Come, let us sing to the Lordand shout with joy to the Rock who saves us. Let … Continue reading

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Astute observers will note the appearance of a new link above: Verba scripsi. Clicking it will give you a list of posts I (or you) have found somewhat notable. I think my blog has been going on for long enough … Continue reading

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Conventional people

“Ike, Spes people are very conventional, conservative people, haven’t you noticed? Very elitist people. How could we be anything but?” “Conservative? Conventional? What are you talking about?” “Well, look at us! Power hierarchy, division of labor by gender, Cartesian values, … Continue reading

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QotD: Scientia amorque

This passage is from the first chapter of one of my textbooks for this semester (An Introduction to the Trinity by Declan Marmion and Rik Van Nieuwehove): For its part, theology has an ‘existential’ and practical aspect; to do theology … Continue reading

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Chess 2

Yes, someone went and made a sequel to Chess. Kotaku: The new Chess has some rules that seem quite out there, at first. But that might be because it’s hard to imagine Chess changing. My first time playing Chess 2, … Continue reading

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Two quotes from David Bentley Hart

First: I have never really been able to make myself want to specialize in some very narrow section of one very narrow field of study.  This may be why I was unable as an undergraduate to decide whether I might … Continue reading

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