On Liturgy

This lovely quotation of Romano Guardini is found in the middle of Alexander Schmemann’s For The Life of the World, which I’ve been reading for a class:

Man, with the aid of grace, is given the opportunity of relaying his fundamental essence, of really becoming that which according to his divine destiny he should be and longs to be, a child of God. In the liturgy he is to go “unto God, who giveth joy to his youth.” … Because the life of the liturgy is higher than that to which customary reality gives either the opportunity or form of expression, it adapts suitable forms and methods from that sphere in which alone they are to be found, that is to say, from art. It speaks measuredly and melodiously; it employs formal, rhythmic gestures; it is clothed in colors and garments foreign to everyday life…It is in the highest sense the life of a child, in which everything is picture, melody and song. Such is the wonderful fact which the liturgy demonstrates: it unites act and reality in a supernatural childhood before God.

(Romano Guardini, The Church and the Catholic, and the Spirit of the Liturgy. (New York, 1950), 180-181)

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