I’m still around

The past month of my life has been a bit busy. Or, more precisely, exhausting enough that I’ve felt rather unmotivated during my free time. Now that I’m back in school and no longer working full-time, I’m on a schedule which is more conducive to getting a good night’s sleep and other necessities (at least until the papers and readings start piling up).

Anyhow, I’m glad to be back at school – in particular, I’m relieved to be in an academic situation where Catholicism is the norm. It’s weirdly cathartic after having spent time in a milieu where most people, if they aren’t actively hostile to traditional Judeo-Christian things, are at least somewhat tone deaf or just plain ignorant about them. I usually derive a sort of smug satisfaction from being an outlier and contrarian, but that’s not a very healthy source of motivation.

I’m trying to think of a good way to keep this blog running regularly during the months to come. The problem with never really finding a particular subject matter to focus on is that I don’t really have any good anchor. I’ve avoided making this blog too personal, because, frankly, my everyday life is pretty boring, and it often gives me the heebie jeebies to talk about the stuff that’s not. It hasn’t really become a pop-culture/anime/SF/Whatever blog because I lack the sort of stamina that so many people seem to have for watching/reading things with long term consistency.  I mentioned before that I didn’t want this to be an apologetics/catechesis sort of blog, since I feel I don’t have the cred for that. Politics is often too depressing and frustrating to contemplate for longer than necessary. And, I suppose, my desire to remain comprehensible to a general readership, I’ve avoided getting too into nerdy technical stuff.

So instead I’ve just been trying to keep a tenuous balance between fluff and Deep Thoughts.

Speaking of fluff, I’ve been reading some P.G. Wodehouse lately. The man has remained one of those eminently recommendable authors I’ve kept on the back-burner until recently. An article somewhere mentioned that Wodehouse was something of a literary model for Jack Vance, and that comes across: the ridiculous situations, casts of characters who seem to be borderline insane/sociopathic, overly formal dialogue, use of novella format etc. Cugel and Rhialto make a lot more sense when considered in light of Bertie Wooster. Actually, the similarities are sometimes strong enough that it produces a weird feeling of continuity between the two writers. There’s also some genetic connection with Seinfeld, Arrested Development and their less stylish ilk, which makes for an interesting family tree.

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