Man killed by toxic fumes emanating from My Little Pony toy. More at 11

The most ignoble death known to man

The most ignoble death known to man

I recently bought this vinyl figure put out by Funko. While Amazon reviews warned me of a chemical odor that lingered on in the figures of this line, I still wasn’t prepared for the dizzying wave that flooded my room when I removed the packaging. Although I’m not particularly sensitive to smells, it was enough to suggest to my paranoid mind the possibility of becoming a grotesque news item. Derpy then spent the next twelve hours or so alternately placed by an open window and shut up in a cupboard. Now that I’ve let her air out for a bit it’s not so bad.

I suppose there would be a twisted sense of poetry in getting killed by Derpy Hooves…

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9 Responses to Man killed by toxic fumes emanating from My Little Pony toy. More at 11

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  2. mynameismermaidbeach says:

    Did the smell finally go away, or is it just at a level you can tolerate? I just bought all of the ones Funko has made so far at my local Hot Topic. I have to return four of them, including the Derpy Hooves one you have pictured above, because the smell is unbearable. All I did was open the top flap of the Dr. Whooves one and the vinyl fumes flew out of the box and knocked me for a loop. I had opened the boxes on my bed and had taken the ponies out and laid them down on my quilt. The ponies were on my bed for about three minutes at the most, and their smell permeated my quilt! The only two that don’t smell are the ones that were just released this past Tuesday: Pinkie Pie and Lyra Heartstrings. This makes me think that the company corrected the problem and all of the new ponies that come out won’t smell. That or they start to stink after being in the boxes a while on store shelves. I’m sad that I’m returning the four, but I don’t think I should sit them outside to air out. I’m afraid it won’t work and then they won’t be in returnable condition if a bird crapped on them or they got tree sap on them or bugs got on them or they started to ooze vinyl or paint juice from the heat.

    • Josh W says:

      Derpy’s pretty fine now; I mean if I actually pick her up and sniff her then yeah, there’s still a bit of a funny smell. But she’s no longer stinking up the general vicinity.

      • mynameismermaidbeach says:

        So how long did it take for her to get like that? I really don’t want to return my four ponies, but I don’t want to be a news story at 11:00, either. I wanted to put them in my cubicle at work.

      • Josh W says:

        It’s difficult to say, since I’ve been keeping her on a windowsill – I have to go out of my way to get close, so I wasn’t always ‘monitoring’ the situation, so to speak. Within a day or so it was only noticeable if I was near the window and then just gradually improved from there.

        IMHO, these figures are probably best used in places where your head is not often going to be for long periods of time. The Hasbro toys would be the best bet for cubicle ornaments.

  3. Dave T says:

    FYI, those fumes are toxic

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  5. Sali says:

    I bought my little pony characters to my daughter 3 months ago and the smell still .I don’t know what I have to do please tell me if it is dangerous

    • Josh W says:

      I’m not an authority on the safety of vinyl for kids. You should look elsewhere for that information (this post was somewhat tongue-in-cheek).

      But the dolls that Funko makes are meant for display purposes rather than play, assuming those are the ones you picked up.

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