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QotD: The grass is always greener, etc. edition

Henri Nouwen: Many marriages are ruined because neither partner was able to fulfill the often hidden hope that the other would take his or her loneliness away. And many celibates live with the naive dream that in the intimacy of … Continue reading

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So what are the liberal Christians up to these days?

One part of Theo Hobson’s vision of liberal Protestantism: The second pillar of the new liberal Christianity is a bit more surprising. For in the past, liberal Christianity has downplayed the ritual side of religion, often seeing it as a … Continue reading

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The internet and parochialism

Astra Taylor: The world is complex and interconnected, Zuckerman rightly insists, and the evolution of our communications system from a broadcast model to a networked one has added a new dimension to the mix. The Internet has made us all … Continue reading

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Moral imagination

Earlier today someone was talking to me about an article he read in a newspaper, which was making a claim along the lines that the gradual increase of intellectual awareness over time was leading to an increase of moral awareness. … Continue reading

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Odds and ends (and pics)

Hey, it’s a little bit late, but I do have some pictures from my outing at Anime North last weekend. I’ve got more, but can’t figure out how to get them off of my phone in a manner that isn’t … Continue reading

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