Blogging from A to Z Challenge day 4: D is for Decline and Fall

I recently read Decline and Fall, one of the ever-delightful Evelyn Waugh’s first novels. It’s a sort of dark comedy following the misadventures of Paul Pennyfeather after he is kicked out of Oxford for, well, pretty much being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Paul is a sort of blandly innocent character who mostly just drifts through the novel. Along the way we meet some more interesting characters, including an alcoholic schoolteacher who accidentally shoots one of his students in the foot, a crook disguised as a butler who concocts various outrageous and contradictory origin stories for himself, an avant-garde architect who finds human existence distasteful (you get the idea). The world and everyone in it feels ever so slightly insane and surrealistic (even Paul, whose stoic acceptance of so much of the weirdness seems a bit off). Interwar England as science fiction, I suppose.

I’m currently reading Vile Bodies, which continues the vibe.

(more info on the A to Z Challenge)


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