Contestant No.1139

So I recently found out about this thing called the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. It goes something like this: for every day during April (excepting Sundays), you write a blog post – that’s 26 days. And the subjects for each post have to be grouped to the corresponding letter of the alphabet for that day. So, day 1 is the letter ‘A’, day 2 ‘B’ and so forth.

So of course I decided to sign up. My life is not terribly exciting right now, and I could use a good excuse to crank out material at a high rate. Sure, I might embarrass myself in the process – unlike NaNoWriMo, whatever I write will immediately come under public scrutiny – but hey, I can live dangerously every now and then.

It’s gonna be great, guys. I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy endure the onslaught.

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4 Responses to Contestant No.1139

  1. Hello. Just thought I’d stop by to give you a wave *wave* and wish you luck with this challenge. It’s my first time doing it, and I’m getting a bit impatient now. I want to get underway with my posts. Have you chosen a theme or are you just going to post randomly?

    • Josh W says:


      As of yet, I don’t have much of a theme; it’ll likely just be an overclocked version of my blog. But I’m still messing around with my tentative schedule.

  2. beccamex says:

    Good luck with the challenge!! =)

    Rebecca x

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