Tales of Higher Uselessness – The Inagural Episode

Big news!

My friend and I recently decided we would take a stab at doing a podcast, and the first episode is now up. Our idea was…well, we’ve yet to hit upon a coherent theme yet, but as the title, “Tales of Higher Uselessness” suggests, it’ll be something of (maybe) philosophical import. But really we’re just looking for an excuse to inflict the internet with long, rambling speeches and arguments about whatever we happen to  find interesting.

The first episode has us looking at the relationship between storytelling and philosophy. As you’ll probably guess, we’re not used to doing this sort of thing and hadn’t prepared the discussion very well. It’s a trial run, really. I’ll probably see if I can do a blog post with some more coherent thoughts on the subject. You can listen to it here.


About Josh W

A Catholic. Likes to write stuff and draw pictures.
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2 Responses to Tales of Higher Uselessness – The Inagural Episode

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