“Adults don’t always know what they’re talking about”

So I’ve kickstarted the Halloween season with a viewing of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. It probably won’t be dethroning your personal favourite any time soon, but it has a lot of the macabre energy and suburban angst that his earlier movies had. With regard to the second point I like how the adults are your standard bland suburbanites (with the notable exception of Martin Landau’s science teacher) while the kids are all weird. One of the themes on my blog (I think) is that our modern ways try to fit a really weird, spooky and sometimes wonderful world into a bland, suffocating narrative. There’s an undercurrent of that in Burton’s movies, which is why I think I like him even when he descends into pop-goth blandness.


About Josh W

A Catholic. Likes to write stuff and draw pictures.
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