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The higher temptations

It seems that there is a general rule in the moral universe which may be formulated “The higher, the more in danger”. The “average sensual man” who is sometimes unfaithful to his wife, sometimes tipsy, always a little selfish, now … Continue reading

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Prog rock thoughts (King Crimson edition)

I grew up listening to a fair amount of progressive rock. Something about its combination of pretentious bombast and self-conscious artiness really gelled with me, for better or worse. Then I discovered classical music, which quickly became my stole the … Continue reading

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Lazy collection of links plus unexciting announcement

man with black hat explains why you can’t have the Latin Mass. (via New Advent) How many terrible hymns can the human psyche endure? (via Zoopraxiscope) Thomas Nagel reviews Alvin Plantinga. (via Arts & Letters Daily) Ross Douthat gives a … Continue reading

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Philosophy Notes: Prior Analytics Book A (1-2)

School’s back, but I’m not! However, since I have to keep the ol’ noggin running, since this blog can’t just be about res ludorum but also studiorum, I’ve decided to use it to help me crack open some philosophy. These … Continue reading

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Further adventures in counterculture

I recently finished Ross Douthat‘s excellent book, Bad Religion, which sets out the thesis that the problem with religion in America is not that it is too Christian or not Christian enough, but rather that religion has been degraded into … Continue reading

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22. Two hermits lived together for many years without a quarrel. One said to the other, ‘Let’s have a quarrel with each other, as other men do.’ The other answered, ‘I don’t know how a quarrel happens.’ The first said, … Continue reading

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Pseudo Trad, or: making steps towards a respectable degree of counterculturalism

When I started RCIA about a year ago, I had already made my way through a good amount of the Catechism and felt like I had a good general idea of what Catholic orthodoxy was. Of course, I also knew … Continue reading

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