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Detectives, Mormons, genre-shifting…

For most of my life, detective fiction has not been my strong suit in genre reading. Sure, I’ve enjoyed the odd film noir or two, but for the most part it never really clicked with me. Until recently, that is … Continue reading

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LEGO turing machine

Turing Machines are pretty nifty. We spent some time writing Turing Machines in a metalogic class during my last semester. Anyway, what’s the usual procedure for nifty things? Make a LEGO version of it.   (Via Unequally Yoked)

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QotD: Green Energy Edition

In a followup to the Czar of Muscovy’s excellent post on the illusion of objectivity in journalism, a correspondent makes the following remark: If you wrapped the major metropolitan newsrooms in copper wire, the spinning would generate enough electricity to … Continue reading

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Minor thoughts on Schubert

Although I came to the ipod scene rather late, I must admit to being a junkie. Although lately I’ve made some effort at cutting down, when I leave the house, more often than not, I put on those earbuds. I … Continue reading

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What do you mean, it’s not symbolic?

(I haven’t been posting much lately. Forgive my perpetual laziness) We celebrated the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ last Sunday. Meanwhile, Richard Dawkins is taking Catholics to task for their belief (among other things) in the Real … Continue reading

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​No, you don’t have to be a crazy right-wing religious nut to be anti-abortion

(although it doesn’t hurt). You just have to actually be willing to see past the smokescreens, doublethink and red-herrings. Take Nate Hentoff, for example: A famous liberal who was a staple at the Village Voice and who had a column … Continue reading

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Contra pretentious vampires

It’s been eight weeks of being a real, communion-receiving, confession-going Catholic. I still feel strange saying stuff like, “I’m a Roman Catholic.” But I asked, and did indeed receive. Classes are over, with convocation a little more than a week … Continue reading

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