See you on the other side

One of the things I’ve decided to do for Lent is to check out of Facebook, Twitter and blogging. I spend too much time sitting in front of the glowing rectangle, and, although a total fast from the internet would be nice, it’s a little bit impractical at the moment (and I probably wouldn’t survive for very long anyhow). But any small cutbacks will be helpful for what they’re worth.

In my preparation for reception into the Church I need to do my best to sort myself out rather than try to talk about how I need to sort myself out. Things are still pretty raw. And with work and school eating up so much of my time at the moment, I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to crank out anything of quality between now and April. It’s time to start paring down on distractions.

So be sure to check back in 40 days or so (all four or five of you!) to see if anything’s happened.

God bless.


About Josh W

A Catholic. Likes to write stuff and draw pictures.
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