Malcolm X, Pokemon, Cosi Fan Tutte, etc.

Some links that might be worth your time:

David P. Goldman underscores the difference between Christian and Jewish approaches to beauty, and how classical music transcends that gap.   Regarding beauty and immorality: I think that the moral flaws of a work of art are aesthetic flaws, but that doesn’t mean that any work that is immoral is totally removed from the beautiful (a purely evil/ugly work would be…nothing), but rather to the extent that it is immoral, it falls short of or distorts the beautiful. So Cosi Fan Tutte could have been a greater work than it is, but since Mozart is still at the helm, the results are still pretty great, and the music is always groping beyond the libretto towards deeper, unarticulated mysteries. (via Eve Tushnet)

Giles Fraser on Nietzsche’s piety. (via Maverick Philosopher)

Diana Schaub on Malcolm X. To badly misquote Schopenhauer, it is always harder to give a sober assessment of one man’s accomplishments and failures than it is to either worship him as an idol or condemn him as an ideologue. (via Postmodern Conservative)

Marc Barnes compares Catholicism to Pokemon. Of course as a Catechumen my own approach is perhaps a little more Final Fantasy IV.


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