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Truth and Transcendence

From an interesting article on Vaclav Havel at The New Republic (via Arts & Letters Daily): His third idea was the fuzzy one—the idea about the multiculti new god, or the something-or-other “above,” or the capital-B Being that he drew … Continue reading

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My procrastination is a protest against SOPA

Yes, yes, exactly. The recent talk over sex selective abortion will hopefully force more people to think through the logic of their moral commitments and bring a few more pro-choicers over to our side. Although the fact that there is … Continue reading

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Frege on the importance of clarity of reference

In the middle of his famous discussion of sense and reference, Gottlob Frege drops a somewhat out of place political reference: A logically perfect language (Begriffsschrift) should satisfy the conditions, that every expression grammatically well constructed as a proper name … Continue reading

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But how long before they become self-aware?

Termed the “Second Brain” by Dr. Michael Gershon, the enteric nervous system is a collection of over 100 million neurons embedded within the lining of the gastrointestinal system. While this amount of neurons actually pales in comparison to the brain’s … Continue reading

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No, not that kind of epiphany

I’ve been remiss about updating this blog. For a while I could blame it on not feeling well, but now it’s just laziness. So in an attempt to break the cycle of sloth, have at you! So Christmas is finally … Continue reading

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