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Supra-Hegelian Esctatology

The people who claim(ed) that culture, tradition and religion were just awkwardly placing artificial constructions onto the endlessly differentiated manifold of reality have themselves engaged in such gratuitous formalism. But having failed to completely follow through in their postmodern theories, … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about the Mass

Keep on the sunny side: I started attending Mass on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. This wasn’t entirely intentional: even after signing up for RCIA, I had a strange compulsion to avoid church, as if even seeing the Eucharist would … Continue reading

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Inauspicious Beginnings

The situation is something like this: I’m in the last few months of my undergraduate years and find myself finally staring at the dreaded question of how to raise myself above the somewhat ignoble position of “guy living in his … Continue reading

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