Inauspicious Beginnings

The situation is something like this: I’m in the last few months of my undergraduate years and find myself finally staring at the dreaded question of how to raise myself above the somewhat ignoble position of “guy living in his dad’s basement” and put my talents to some good use. Meanwhile, I recently became a Catechumen in the Roman Catholic Church. If all goes well, I will be graduating next summer as a fully fledged Roman, thereby giving myself the perverse pleasure of going through the typical university experience in backwards motion.

Since this is the most interesting period of my life so far, I’ve had the typical vainglory to seriously consider about writing on it. But the problem is that being right in the middle of the whole conversion thing makes any attempt at a definitive articulation rapidly dissolve into rambling thoughts that go nowhere. Fortunately, I live in an age where there exists an entire genre dedicated to just this. Thus I have decided to set up a blog for the refreshment and edification of the one or two people who are still reading after “Roman Catholic Church” and “living in his dad’s basement” being mentioned in the same paragraph.

So expect some gratuitous popery, some pretentious Latin, feverish rants and possibly even some logical symbolism. But as I am an easily distracted person who finds it difficult to stay on topic, expect a lot of miscellany (indeed, come back next year, and if I’m still around, the whole thing will likely have devolved into me posting links I found amusing).

Have a vigilant Advent, folks; “Prepare the way of the Lord”. Or at the very least hold off on eating all your Advent calendar chocolates at once.

About Josh W

A Catholic. Likes to write stuff and draw pictures.
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