Moment of poetry

Since May is consecrated to Our Lady, and since the final vestiges of winter seem to have receded, I thought it’d be pleasant and fitting to post Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem, “The May Magnificat.”

May is Mary’s month, and I
Muse at that and wonder why:
Her feasts follow reason,

Dated due to season –

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Minor housekeeping

I expanded my top 15 games list to top 20, but didn’t think it worth a new post, especially with how image heavy it is. It may or may not be worth your time to revisit.

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From illusion to truth…from darkness to light…from doom to eternity…

dds poster

I finished Digital Devil Saga 2. It’s not a long game by JRPG standards. Now I’m in a position to give my more definitive thoughts on this game and the duology as a whole.

In brief: I take back all my misgivings about the direction things seemed to be heading in. DDS tied itself together in a fantastic and unexpectedly resonant note. Sure, it was all very cheesy and sentimental, but it was the kind of cheese that’s right up my alley. Seriously this stuff is on par with Final Fantasy IX for me. And since I’ve come to appreciate the SMT game mechanics, it might even dethrone FFIX (I probably should have waited until I had finished playing this to post that top 15 list).

Anyway, in order to give a more detailed appraisal I’ll have to spoil some stuff below the fold.

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The colour of magic


The late Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels have long been a glaring omission in my sci-fi/fantasy reading. Attempts at rectifying this have often seemed daunting: the man penned a lot of these books, and the manner in which you break into them seems more confusing than it should be. On the one hand it’s claimed that the books are all largely standalone and that you should just jump into whatever seems appealing to you. On the other hand there appear to be multiple sub-series which should be read in a particular order. In both cases the sheer amount of choice is quite intimidating.

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Spider’s string

When I finish The Colour of Magic you guys will have my first impressions of Terry Pratchett. But until then it’s more video games.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I thought Digital Devil Saga was pretty rad, but that because it was a duology I couldn’t really evaluate it until I played the second one. The first entry leave you with a bunch of IOUs for its followup to pay back.

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ultimatest top twenty tee vee game list

This is mostly just a repost of the top 15 list, for the sake of achieving even greater definitiveness and appeasing my desires of obsessive list making. There definitely won’t be a top 25 list ever; that’d just be silly.

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There’s been a lot of press from Square-Enix lately. Final Fantasy XV, which has been in development for about a decade, finally got an official release date. And we also found out that there would be a full-length CG tie-in movie, and a tie-in anime OAV series, and a custom made audi, etc. Indeed, it’s going to take the sale of 10 million copies in order to turn a profit on all the time and money that’s been sunk into it.

Meanwhile, the Final Fantasy VII remake has become a multi-part series, each of which is promised to be as big as Final Fantasy XIII (which was exorbitantly expensive).

I’ve seen some people speculate that this is SE’s hail mary pass, and indeed it looks like they’re betting everything on these two projects. But I doubt it’ll work. Selling ten million copies is a pretty pie-in-the-sky goal to set.

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Where everyone knows your name

p4 trans

At first glance, the modern Persona games seem like a hideous concept. A mash-up of hardcore dungeon crawling and Japanese light novels/dating sims? Isn’t that like the gaming equivalent of drinking those awful coolers? As someone who thought that Persona 2:Eternal Punishment was pretty rad (albeit impossible to beat) I had a similar reaction to the announcement that Persona 3 would be re-imagined along those lines.

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Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne: Final

nocturne title

So I finished Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve experimented with posting reactions as I played rather than saving everything for a big epic post at the end. This may mean that y’all are sick of hearing me run my mouth about the same stuff, but at least it’s keeping my posting habits up. Since the other posts were more about themes/story, this one is more game design focused. Click below the fold for a long, rambling post with a lot of JRPG shop talk.

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Find your reason?

Having logged more hours into Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, I notice that my opinion on the story and themes have made a weird double-movement. (some vague spoilers below)

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